Dear Mater Dei Friends,

Have you ever wondered if we are really brothers and sisters in Christ or if it’s just a “feel good” statement to profess?  If you’re like me and have traveled to other countries and islands so far away, you have found comfort in the traditions and consistency of the Holy Mass and the beauty of fellowship with other people, who believe and worship the same way you do.  If God is OUR Father, then we truly ARE brothers and sisters, right?  We may not share the same blood in our veins, but certainly, we share the same passion that passes through our veins. 

When I’ve been submerged in the world and feeling so out of place, discouraged by the heartlessness of some human beings and disappointed in how some people behave, I’ve appreciated my brothers and sisters in Christ all the more.  My brothers and sisters feel like “home”.  I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and I’ve attended Mass around the world.  Whether I was in Italy, Austria, Paris, London, Trinidad, Barbados, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and in many parts of the United States,  walking into a church was feeling like I was home. While I attended and celebrated Mass in all these distant places, it always felt like I came home to family.  As I looked at these “strangers” in all of these churches, I was looking at my brothers and sisters in Jesus.  They were my family away from home. 

There was joy and wonder in seeing the slightly different nuances of their cultural traditions, their beautiful, quaint churches and being a part of their own parish family.  No matter what language they were speaking, I could feel the rhythm of the Mass and the pacing of the prayers to pray along.  I could never understand why anyone being on vacation would want to miss Mass.   If attending Mass was not for the devotion to our dear Lord,  why not the wonderful experience of being submerged in the culture of where they are?   The movement of the Holy Spirit was the love of being together, which united us, enveloped us, enriched us. 

There have been so many times in my life where I’ve been among people that were so morally different, so inherently out of sync with me.   I felt like I was on a different planet.  All I could hope for was to be with “my” people, the ones that believed like me, my brothers, my sisters in Christ.  If you did a DNA test of your heritage, I find it fascinating that your bloodlines go so far back to nationalities that we had no idea we had a link to.  Perhaps, we actually do share some of the same blood!  

God bless all my brothers and sisters.  Amen.
Love, Laurie 

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