Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we enter the season of Lent, we begin the holiest cycle of the Church’s calendar. It is the time of our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection. It is a time of reflection for us, a time to give of ourselves and a time of gratitude for salvation! If we truly believe, there is nothing else to be more grateful for!

Therefore, let us remember that we have a God that is up close and personal. He wants to enter into a personal relationship with each one of us, so we can reflect more deeply upon the fullness of His love. The deeper we enter into relationship with God, the deeper we enter into relationship with each other. His love for us is precisely the love with which we can love others. This is so true in life. The more time we spend with our Lord the more love we have to give away.

Life on earth is a tremendous gift, but it is fleeting and will end. Loved ones pass away. The joys of material possessions soon fade. Eternal life IS the treasure! Without the Resurrection, the life of Jesus Christ would just have been an inspirational life to model; but with His passion, death and resurrection we have faith, hope and joy. We have salvation for ourselves and for our dear loved ones. We have a Savior in Jesus Christ.

Let us turn back to God with our prayers, fasting and almsgiving this Lent in a new way; a way that gives Him joy and consolation. As the song “We are the Reason” says: “We are the reason that He gave His life, we are the reason that He suffered and died, to a world that was lost, He gave all He could give, to show us a reason to live!

God bless you all with a fervent desire to serve Our Lord in every way.

Peace and blessings,
Father Charles and Laurie

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