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A note from Father Charles and Laurie:
Two years ago we never could have imagined that so much time would have passed without us singing a note. It’s hardly a sacrifice, yet it is an indicator of how in the flash of a moment life can change. So many of us have sacrificed so much, lost so much, and suffered because of this pandemic, but one thing remains and will always remain the same - our need for God.
 We are happy to be back evangelizing after a long COVID-19 absence. Please be assured that even though we have not been together physically for these past 2 years, we have prayed for all of you and for your loved ones!
We are so happy that we can be together again for our upcoming Night of Recollection.  It is our hope to lift your spirits towards Heaven and help you encounter our all-merciful Father, as we trust in His Providence not only during this pandemic but in all our personal sorrows, trials, and crosses.
God bless you and we look forward to singing for you!!
We hope you can join us on October 14th at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, West Islip at 7:30 p.m.
Please bring a friend who is in need of a spiritual boost!
A night of song....
A night of reflection....
A night of inspiration...
featuring our Divine Providence Program
This outstanding program is supported by scripture, song and personal reflection and is designed to comfort and inspire those facing struggles of any kind. If you've ever wondered: "Where is God in this struggle?", “Why is God allowing this to happen?" or "How can God love me if...?" Have you, or your loved ones, experienced some of these fears in the challenges of everyday life, in particular over these past 2 years? Then this evening is for YOU!
You will have an opportunity to participate in a symbolic offering of your fears and have them prayed over. Come and refresh your soul and rejuvenate your spirit knowing that God’s Divine Providence is at work every day in your life and He is with us and guiding us through all things in our lives.
Date of Event: October 14th
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Our Lady of Lourdes Church
 455 Hunter Ave, West Islip, NY
On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception our Holy Father Pope Francis declared this new liturgical year (December 8th to December 8th) the year of St. Joseph. St. Joseph is the holiest saint second to our Lady and he is a powerful intercessor for us. St. Joseph was a man of firm faith amid life's twists and turns. He has been there for me in many ways in my life and has answered numerous prayers. In 2014 while in prayer,  I felt deeply inspired by St. Joseph to write a litany to him, which Laurie and I recorded.  In light of the fact that the year of St. Joseph has now begun, you may want to give someone a copy of our sung Litany of St. Joseph for Christmas. You may order from our websites: or, or by phone at (203) 970-7862. The price of the CD is $5.00 including sales tax and shipping.




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